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#MeToo - Jeg skammer mig ikke



What’s up with the name? Is it Ekaterina or Katja?

It is both. Ekaterina is a Russian version of the Greek name Catharine. According to the Russian naming tradition, most of the people have a long name, however it is rarely used in everyday life. All names have a shorter version: Dima for Dimitry, Sasha for Alexandra etc. Katja is a shorter version of Ekaterina, and it is appropriate to address me as Katja in everyday life. However, my full name remains Ekaterina.
Read more about it in Danish here.

Is it EkatErina or EkatArina?

Danish journalists spell my name wrong eight out of ten times, and in most articles my name is spelled wrong. For some inexplicable reason, it always ends up being EkatArina. Even if my name is written right in most of the text, there is always at least one little EkatArina that creeps in. So, if you are a Danish journalist who is writing something about me – check your text one more time – there is probably a couple of EkatArinas some place there. For me it feels like a big slap in my face every time– It seems disrespectful, that a person who decided to write an article about me is reluctant to use 30 seconds to learn how to correctly spell my name.

Who takes your pictures?

All of the pictures on my Instagram and in our book LUDERMANIFESTET are taken by me. I am both the model and the photographer on most of them. It is done by the means of a tripod or a helping hand of my daughter, my husband or one of my girlfriends. However, if the camera is being held by another person, the idea, the choice of angles, the camera settings, the choice of picture etc are still mine, therefore I still insist on being the photographer of the picture.

Why so many nudes?

In any classic art gallery in the western world, the majority of the women would be depicted naked or semi-naked. Typically, the motive of the picture would be a woman whom the artist found looking down, ashamed of her nudity and unaware of her beauty. She is the object of the male gaze. Those pictures or sculptures by great and respected artists as Renoir, Bernini, Botticelli etc. are what we consider being high art and teach our children to admire. And the most of this art is also painted or sculpted by men. So, as a society, we obviously have no problem with female nudity, in fact, we consider it inspiring and aesthetic. But we do have a problem with a female depicting her own body, her own sexuality. Especially when she does it not to attract a mate, but to celebrate the aestheticism of her body.
Simply put, I think a female body is highly aesthetic and I like portraying it. Just like some of the greatest artists through the history did, just like many photographers today do. I think that the body is a way more interesting subject to photograph than the soup I ate or a bag I bought. It should be reason enough, but I still find myself in need to explain this every day.
For the people who consider what I do pornographic – u have to be kidding me. The amount of skin on my pictures isn’t more than what you would see on a beach. And with the insane amount of pornography on the internet and Instagram, u gotta be able to see the difference between THIS 6730c204813cdc3a4e1f9c74db854628
and THIS.

Are you in a relationship?

Yes, I’ve been married to Rolf for 7 years now.

Do you have children?

I have two daughters, one, that is eleven years old, and a newborn baby.

What does your husband think about your pictures?

Firstly, the question itself indicates that we still consider the woman being the property of the man in our society. If a woman is in a relationship it is up to her man to decide what she can and can’t do with her body. Neither my husband nor me think that it is up to him to decide what I wear and how I portray myself in my art. In my marriage I am not treated as a property, and what I get from my husband is love and support.
More than that, he has always been a helping hand in the making of my pictures and have always encouraged me to do exactly what I want. Often, I am in doubt if a picture is too much, and it is always him who encourages me not to be afraid and just put it out there.

You have a family, why isn’t your family the main theme of your Instagram?

Because that is predictable and is exactly what is expected of me. It is expected of a woman to be someone’s caregiver, to have her whole personality reduced to a role of a wife and a mother. Preferably a mother, who has herself and her household under control: perfect looks, perfect cooking, perfect happy children.
I have been a wife and a mother my whole adult life – the first time I got married was at the age of 18. I’ve been baking bread and cooking suppers, embroidering pillows and crocheting doormats since then. Having a family, being a mother is the only lifestyle I know, I am very used to that. My husband and my girls are the foundation of my life and mental health, but they aren’t me, they are the people I love and take care of. I insist on being the protagonist of my own life, to be the protagonist of my social media. I insist on having a personality, on having interests other than housekeeping.
I make a lot of pictures of my family, which I keep only for us to look at. If the homey pictures of my household are what you are looking for, you are welcome to follow my husband’s account @rolf__rolf

Why is your account about yourself mainly, but your husbands account about your family and cats?

We both think that it is uninteresting and predictable that a female’s profile is supposed to be about her home and family, while a male’s profile can be about his professional life or whatever he is interested in. We are challenging those roles. It shouldn’t devalue a male’s status to take great interest in his family and home.

What is it you are studying?

I am studying Judaistic, which is the study of Jewish religious tradition, texts, history, literature, culture, humor etc. The course is taught on the Theology faculty.

What’s your breast size?

Go fuck your self.

What’s your favorite position?

CEO. But seriously, go fuck yourself in thousand asses.

Do you trade nudes?

Fuck yourself with a pinecone.

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    Hej Ekaterina 🙂
    Jeg tænkte på, hvilket kamera det er du bruger?
    På forhånd tak for svar, og tak for altid interessant læsning!

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